Saturday, 27 December 2014

Skincare Tips For Winters Season

Winter has been time and again hailed as being one of the most romantic and beautiful seasons of the world. But the season is termed not so beautiful
when it comes to skincare. And it’s not just the usual problems like dry and chapped skin, lack of healthy glowing skin during winters but also the more serious medical problems like Eczema and scaled skin, commonly noticed during the winters.

Some of the top skincare tips for winter season.

1. Don’t dehydrate yourself: The first and foremost secret tips when it comes to winter skin care is to keep yourself adequately hydrated. Be it drinking lots of water throughout the day or other supplements like tea, coffee, juice etc, the
trick to keeping the skin from getting overtly dry during this season is to keep yourself safe from getting dehydrated.

2. Keep away from cocktails: Hard drinks tend to make our body warm but our skin way drier and flushed out. You can bid adieu to glowing skin during winter if you can’t restrict yourself from indulging in these cocktails and hard drinks. They also increase the toxin count in our body, thus making our skin feel more chapped.

3.Cleansing regularly: one of the most important things to keep the skin healthy during winter is to keep the skin properly cleaned.

4. Using more honey or glycerine: when it comes to top skin care tips for the winter season, the use of honey and glycerine is inevitable. They can be incorporated in almost any kind of skin care paste that we can scoop up at home and honey or glycerine in the tiniest of the quantities
has the amazing ability to heal the dryness of the skin and return its healthy glow.

Happy Winters !! :)