Saturday, 24 January 2015

Android Lollipop On My Moto G

Hi friends.

Today I am very happy and excited that today I updated my MotoG with Android Lollipop in India. I am enjoying whole new interface.

I got the update that new system update is available. Here the screenshots of my phone.

The total size of upload file is 356.5MB. I downloaded over 3G and took almost 15-20 minutes to download. After the download it took 10-15 minutes to get fully installed.

My MotoG got successfully updated to version 220.21.28.en.03.

If you are not getting update, please update your Motorola Update Services to latest update to receive the update.
Go to Play Store and update your Motorola Update Services and then go to your Settings -> About Phone -> System  Updates.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Android Lolipop On Moto G (1st & 2nd Gen) In India

Hi friends.

Motorola has recently announced Lollipop is rolling out in phases to #MotoG (1st & 2nd Gen) in India. Look for the notification on your device to update!

Pic :

Loads of people have received the update. I am still waiting for it on my phone. 

Hope it will be a new experience with it as I am waiting for do many months. 

Will post update when I will receive Android Lollipop update on my #MotoG 1st Gen. Ciao!

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Natural Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

Hi friends.

Preventing hair loss is a major concern for most women and man across the world. There are so many natural treatments that you can follow to say goodbye to this
issue. The only problem is that not all of us have enough time to visit the parlour and use one of these treatments.
It's better to use natural products to stop hairfall than to go in for expensive parlour treatments, that may not help the problem .

Pic :
Try the following easy tips at home and see how effective they are in reducing hair loss!

1. Hot oil treatments : Take any natural oil - olive, coconut, mustard oil and heat it up so that it is warm, but not too hot.
Massage it gently into your scalp. Put on a shower cap and leave it on for an hour, then shampoo your hair. I do this every week. It helps in stimulating growth of hair too! 

2. Natural juices: You can rub your scalp with either garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice. Leave it on overnight and
wash it thoroughly in the morning.

3. Get a head massage : This is my favorite part. Massaging your scalp for a few
minutes daily will help stimulate circulation. Good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Circulation may be improved through massage by using a
few drops of any oil.

4. Antioxidants : Apply warm green tea (two bags brewed in one cup of water) on your scalp and leave this mixture on for an hour and then rinse. Green tea contains
antioxidants which prevent hair loss and boost hair growth.

5. Practice meditation : Most of the times,
the root cause for hair loss is stress and tension. Meditation can help in reducing that and restore hormonal balance.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Exfoliate Your Face & Skin

Hi friends.

Today I am going to tell you how to exfoliate your skin.
What is exfoliation? Exfoliation involves the removal of the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface, and has been used for many years to help maintain healthy skin. Exfoliation is involved in the process of all facials , during microdermabrasion or chemical peels at medical spas. Exfoliation can be achieved through mechanical or chemical means.

Exfoliation - Removing Dead Skin Cells

The average human generates a total new layer of skin every two to four weeks. At the end of this cycle the old dead cells need to be shed. If they are not removed it can
lead to pores being clogged and the creation of pimples and blackheads.
Exfoliation can make your skin look radiant and feel silky and smooth. It also stimulates skin cell renewal. If we exfoliate on a regular basis we can look forward to a
vibrant and healthier complexion.
Exfoliation should not be limited to just the facial area. All parts of the body other than the sensitive areas can benefit from exfoliation.

How to Exfoliate Skin on Your Face?

You need to be careful, especially with the sensitive skin on your face. Otherwise you may end up damaging your skin.

Step 1:

Take a damp cloth and soak it in warm water.  Now put this towel on your face to help open up your pores.
This will help to exfoliate your skin better.

Step 2:

Wash your face with your regular face wash to clean it properly.
Pat your skin dry.

Step 3:

Take an exfoliator which is best suited for your skin type
Now apply it all over your face.

Step 4:

Start by slowly massaging the exfoliator (scrub) in circular motions on your skin.
Repeat this all over your face for a few times. Make sure that you cover every inch of your face and neck while massaging.

Step 5:

Wash your face with water and pat it dry. That is all – you are done.

Step 6:

As a follow up, moisturize your skin to nourish it. This will make your skin smooth and clear.

How to Exfoliate Skin on Your Body?

As much as exfoliation is important for the face, so it is for the body too!

Step 1:

Always remember to wet your body before
exfoliation. Wet your body with lukewarm water. Take the exfoliant onto a brush.
If you don’t have a brush you can always apply itith your hands.

Step 2:

Start massaging on your skin in a circular motion.

Step 3:

Rinse off the scrub with cold water.

Step 4:

Apply a moisturizer when done. These simple steps will ensure your skin is healthy and soft. It just takes a few minutes each day, so give your skin that time and see the difference.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy Lohri

Hi friends.

Happy lohri to all. It's a popular Punjabi festival celebrated every year on 13th January. Punjabis celebrate it on the
last day of the month during which winter solstice takes place. This is due to linking Lohri to the Bikrami calendar and the twinning of the festival with Makar Sankranti which is celebrated in the Punjab region as Maghi Sangrand.

Lohri : Bonn Fire

I celebrated my and my Son's lohri for the second time. It was a great day. My mother in law gathered the dry cow dung which people make a round dough of it and then let it dry. She gathered 3 big bags of dry cow dung at afternoon. At evening time the old lady of our society came and gathered all the cow dung and made a big pile of it and lighten the fire.

Then everyone prayed in front of Bonn fire and put the pop corn, groundnuts, coins, revadi in it and took maths in front of it.

Everyone gathered around it and were enjoying the time and the hotness of fire in these chilli winters.

Hope all of you there enjoyed lohri and had great time and singing the lohri song -

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicharaa ho!
Dullah Bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paata ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chacha gali dese!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
Bum Bum bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari itt!
Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pitt!
Sanoo de de Lohri, te teri jeeve jodi!

Friday, 9 January 2015

Nature's Gold Bleach : Review, Price

Hi everyone.

Bleach now days has become essential part of life. From girls to boys everyone is using bleach. We use bleach not only to get fair skin but also for various purposes like removing sun tan, impurities and hiding unwanted facial hair.

Nature's Gold Bleech

Nature's gold bleach consists of cream and activator powder. It comes in a box with a spatula.

Key Ingredients : 
Cream : Hydrogen Peroxide
Activator : Golden Dust, Ammonium Bicarbonate

Nature's Gold Bleach

Cream is in white in color and activator in light golden color.
Nature's Gold Bleech

Usage :

First clean your face. Mix 2 spatulas of bleach cream and 2 pinch of activator powder together. Make sure the ratio is not less then 4(cream) : 1 (powder). Keep storing the cream and activator till powder dissolves completely. Apply mixture on desired areas. Avoid eyebrows and area around eyes. Keep the mixture for 15 mins. Use normal water to clean. 

I applied on my hand for 15 mins. I get a little pinch feeling till I applied. As it shows that it's working. 

Nature's Gold Bleach On my Hand

I washed off after 10 mins from my hand with water. See the results :

I love the glow on my hand.
Price : Rs. 55

Pros : Get immediate fair skin and glow.

Rating : * * * / 5

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Palmolive Charmis : Review, Swatches

Hi Friends.

Today I am reviewing a moisturizing cold cream Palmolive Charmis. I am using this cream since childhood. I always buy this from CSD canteen.

Palmolive Charmis Cold Cream

Its a cold cream with Vitamin A, C and E. It nourishes skin and protect & replenishes it. Helps skin in winter from getting dry. It also heals cracked skin.

It comes I small round plastic bottle.

Palmolive Charmis Cold Cream

Its a thick white cream. It has a very good smell. It is bit oily while applying but then oilyness goes after some time.

Palmolive Charmis Cold Cream

See how cream has vanished after applying it smoothly with no oiliness.

I also use this cream for my lips. It helps in cracked and chapped lips to make them soft and supple. I also use this to heal my cracked heals in winters. 

Pros : Heals cracked skin, Non sticky

Rating : * * * * / 5

I love this cream and will recommend to all.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Elle 18 Color Pop Lipstick : Pinken Review, Swatches

I am a huge fan of brand Elle 18. I am using this brand from past 12 years. Always good in texture, quality and product.

Today I am reviewing a shade which I absolutely love it. Its my favorite color pink. I also use other colors but this I find perfect with every dress, saree's and all.

Elle 18 Color Pop Pinken

Its come in a cute packaging as you can see above.  Price is Rs. 100. quite reasonable.

Elle 18 Color Pop Pinken
The lipsticks is very delicate. I faced many problems like problem breaking at the base and melting and all sorts of things. Another thing about this lipstick is that I had to apply a lot of it  get a good amount of color.  So take precautions about how you use them.

Elle 18 Color Pop Pinken

This shade is an awesome peachy. If you
see, its dirty pink, not a regular pink and that's what I want. This color can flatter all kinds of complexions because it’s a warm pink rather than a hot pink. The texture of the lipstick as we all know has a moisturising core to it and the texture becomes very sheer due to that.
The lipstick is kind of glossy .
Its not thick in texture, but light to wear. You can either layer it on to get some color or keep it light for a neutral lip.
Its really versatile.

Elle 18 Color Pop Pinken

On the left hand side its applied once. On right side I applied thrice to get more of color of it.
It’s a soft, neutral pink and every day color. The main problem is it lasting power.  The
maximum it stays for is 2 hours if you don't eat or drink much. 

Elle 18 Color Pop Pinken

As you can see how my lips are looking beautiful with this color. Its really standing  out of crowd. ColorColor is looking beautiful. I am in love with this.

Pros : Beautiful color, glossy finish, easy applicable

Cons : Lasting power, breakable

Rating : * * * / 5

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly : Review, Swatches

Vaseline is the brand that I am using from ages. Its the perfect for every one skin. Its used in our daily life not only for skin but for other purposes also.


Petroleum Jelly is so incredibly versatile. I am going to put various uses of petroleum jelly.

Vaseline : From Inside
It is a white transparent jelly with no smell. Its easy to remove. Due to winters its kind of frozen but can be removed easily.

Vaseline : On finger
I removed it from the small box from my finger. I run it on my arm. It easily got melted because of the warmness of my finger.

Vaseline : Swatches

On the right hand side I applied the jelly once. On the left hand side it rubbed it twice. As it got easily applied with not much of stickiness.

My rating : * * * * / 5

Prons : Non smelly. Non sticky. Easy applicable.

Cons : Melts fast due to warmness.

Uses of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly :

1. Its a great lip balm. It helps in moisturizing, soften and smoothening the lips.

2. It helps in healing cracked heals.

3. It can be used as a makeup remover. Just apply and remove the makeup with tissue or towl gently.

4. Apply it on your split ends to give your hair a healthy look. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Hi friends.

I wish you all a very very happy new year. God bless you all and gives you all loads of happiness and prosperity. Be good person. Do good.

Hope everyone has made their resolutions. And I hope all of you gonna achieve your goals. 

Cheers .  :)