Thursday, 15 January 2015

Happy Lohri

Hi friends.

Happy lohri to all. It's a popular Punjabi festival celebrated every year on 13th January. Punjabis celebrate it on the
last day of the month during which winter solstice takes place. This is due to linking Lohri to the Bikrami calendar and the twinning of the festival with Makar Sankranti which is celebrated in the Punjab region as Maghi Sangrand.

Lohri : Bonn Fire

I celebrated my and my Son's lohri for the second time. It was a great day. My mother in law gathered the dry cow dung which people make a round dough of it and then let it dry. She gathered 3 big bags of dry cow dung at afternoon. At evening time the old lady of our society came and gathered all the cow dung and made a big pile of it and lighten the fire.

Then everyone prayed in front of Bonn fire and put the pop corn, groundnuts, coins, revadi in it and took maths in front of it.

Everyone gathered around it and were enjoying the time and the hotness of fire in these chilli winters.

Hope all of you there enjoyed lohri and had great time and singing the lohri song -

Sunder mundriye ho!
Tera kaun vicharaa ho!
Dullah Bhatti walla ho!
Dullhe di dhee vyayae ho!
Ser shakkar payee ho!
Kudi da laal pathaka ho!
Kudi da saalu paata ho!
Salu kaun samete!
Chacha gali dese!
Chache choori kutti! zamidara lutti!
Zamindaar sudhaye!
Bum Bum bhole aaye!
Ek bhola reh gaya!
Sipahee far ke lai gaya!
Sipahee ne mari itt!
Bhaanvey ro te bhaanvey pitt!
Sanoo de de Lohri, te teri jeeve jodi!