Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Trip To Amritsar

Hey everyone.

I went to Amritsar few days back. I went there with my father, husband and baby. It was my cousin wedding. It was great Punjabi wedding. Food, dance & everything.

Here's the Groom and Bride. Both looking perfect!!

It was 2 day program. On 13th Dec 2014 there was Shagun where parents & families of both bride & groom gave blessings to them.
On the wedding day we went to palace. We danced on stage. There was a DJ.

Then we went to gurudwara. Their bride & groom took the pheres. In Punjab we have 4 pheres. Then we came with doing bhangra with Dhol. Then we again danced & had good & came back to the house. There mother of the groom welcomes the bride with milk. She take the milk in a pot and roam on the head of bride & groom & then takes a sip. Its a custom.

On the next day we went to Golden Temple. I went here last year.  Its the best place in the whole universe.

Golden Temple -

Then we went to Jallianwala Baag. I went there almost 11 years before.

It was an amazing trip. 
Hope I will go here again. 

Love ya.. :)

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